ADA Code Violation Repair

plans, permits and construction to correct ADA violations

Correcting ADA Code Violations

Public accommodations — which include hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and retail stores — are prohibited from discriminating against individuals with disabilities and must be designed, built, and altered in compliance with standards set forth in the ADA Title III Technical Assistance Manual.

  • Handicap Parking Spaces Not Properly Sized
  • ADA Restroom Violations
  • Ramps And Curb Ramps That Are Too Steep
  • ADA Mounting Heights and Projections
  • Reduced Path Of Travel And Egress For Wheelchairs

ADA Violations
www.CodeViolationCenter.comPlans, Permits and Construction to correct ADA Code Violations
Our in-house experts can provide all the services to correct your Florida ADA Code Violations to reduce your fines and legal fees.

Our Services

Our in-house architects and engineers will produce all the necessary drawings to resolve your ADA Code Violation. From the initial study of your business layout, to dimensioned plans to the processing at the building department – the Code Violation Center will handle the entire process, allowing you to tend to your business. 
  • Floor plans  and handicap clearance permit drawings
  • Handicap parking and striping details
  • Alternative layouts to comply with ADA guidelines
  • ADA restroom layouts
As licensed and insured Florida General Contractors, we can perform all remedial work to make your business ADA compliant. Our Design-Build services can expedite the entire process helping you save time, sales and fines as you minimize down time in sales.
The unexpected burden of bringing your business into ADA Compliance can be a strain on your budget and plans, which is why the Code Violation Center offers up to 100% financing on our projects.
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Code Violation Center is your one-stop shop to repairing your ADA Code Violation

Our in-house design and construction team will resolve all your code violations and help you lower your fines and costs.
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