Miami building department can look like a chaotic place at first glance but the truth is that a Miami Building permit can be easy obtain if you’re well prepared when you get there. Miami building code violations almost always require permit drawings that we can produce for you in-house and a filled out, signed and notarized Miami building permit application. As Miami’s only all in-house architect and contractor solution to miami code violations, we can help you obtain your miami building permit faster and and at less costs than any other company…. because we don’t have to farm any of it out!

One pitfall that you always have to be prepared for when submitting your Miami Building Permit Application is assuring that you have the proper Power Of Attorney (POA) for commercial properties or corporate owned properties. Only those listed in the Articles of Incorporation or specifically mentioned in the Power of attorney will be allowed to sign the application. You will need to provide a copy of the POA(s) at the time of the building permit application. 

Another commonly overlooked detailbthatvis required to submit the Miami building permit application is the total value of the job. Your final Miami permit fee will be based on a percentage of this value so you can be sure that the Miami Building Department will want their share!!! Trying to low-ball this number could lead to an administrative override where they place their own much higher estimate of the value of work so it’s best to just be fair with your value number to help expedite the process… afterall time is money!

Give us a call at (305) 222-7784 so we can assist you in obtaining your Miami Building Permit as efficiently as possible or visit our website for more details.