One of the most common building code violations we deal with in Miami and all South Florida is Work Without A Permit for replacing kitchen cabinets. The Miami Building Department requires a building master permit, electrical permit, plumbing permit and sometimes a mechanical permit for kitchen exhaust hoods. Although it seems like a basic renovation it involves all trades and when not done correctly it could cause dangers. Faulty wiring can start fires and improperly installed plumbing can flood homes and leak down units in condominiums. 

The most typical errors come in the electrical work where GFCI outlets are not placed in proper locations, Arc-fault interrupters are not used or improper amperage is designated for appliance outlets. Although homeowners save some money initially by not pulling a permit, they end up spending twice as much in corrections. If backsplash outlets have to be  re-wired then backsplash has to be removed and replaced, drywall cut up and replaced Etc….

As licensed architects and general contractors, The Code Violation Center provides all the necessary drawings Permits to legalize your kitchen remodel. Call us today resolve your miami building code violation before further fines or liens are issued 305-222-7784