The number of days allowed to comply with a Miami Beach Code Violation or Stop Work Order will vary from case to case and is determined by the Miami Beach Code Compliance Inspector. The time is typically based on the severity of the violation and the danger that it may pose to the public. As licensed Miami architects and General Contractors, we can help you negotiate the proper time needed to obtain the building permit. 

The code violation will be considered closed only after a a Miami Beach building permit has been issued to cure the violation and the Miami Beach Building Department has performed a final inspection for it. The property may be referred to the Miami Beach Unsafe Structures Board if the code violation is not resolved within the set time frame and the Miami Beach Building permit expires. We can help you get an extension to stop your property from receiving further liens and fines. 

When a property owner is initially found to be performing work without a proper permit the Miami Beach Building Department will issue a Stop Work Order or Notice of Violation that require the owner obtain a Miami Beach building permit. The property owner will be given a period of 30 days to start the permitting process in which a licensed architect / engineer will need to be retained to produce required plans and calculations. This type of violation will be closed once a permit has been nited as approved in the Miami Beach Building Department system. 

Unsafe Structure Code Violations in the City of Miami Beach are generally given 48-72 hours to secure the property so as not to be a danger to others. If the Unsafe Structure is not properly dealt with in threat time frame then the City of Miami Beach may perform the work and place a lien on the property to recover construction costs. 

Regardless of the Code violation that you are issued by the Miami Beach Building Department, we can help you deal with it from beginning to end. When you contract us you are dealing with the architects, engineers and builders because we never sub-contract out our work like the other services in Florida. This means cost and time savings that are crucial in curing your Miami Beach Code Violations. Call us today 305-222-7784