Last week I was able to attend a code violation inspection performed by a City of Miami Beach code enforcement inspector. The nature of which was to document and archive the current Miami Beach code violations in the various apartment units located in Miami Beach. This was a unique opportunity for an Architect that specializes in code violations since we typically are hired after these inspections are performed and after a notice of violation is issued. I have met with multiple inspectors in the past regarding a Miami code violation, but I haven’t ever attended an actual violation inspection. I had a great conversation with the inspector and we discussed ADA code violations, grow house violations, code violation repairs, as well as the overall Miami code compliance scenario. I mentioned that our firm is a fully licensed architecture firm with architects, engineers and builders on staff and that a majority of of projects deal with Miami code violations. He seemed impressed and thankful that someone is dedicating time to helping clear the violations in Miami. Our firm was eventually retained to cure four violations and are we are currently getting more information from the City of Miami Beach Building Department. Call us today for a free site visit 305-222-7784