Miami / Orlando Code Compliance Officers aren’t really always out to get you. Although they seldom bring good news we have to recognize that their efforts are for the greater good. If we look beyond the immediate repercussions that property owners face when cited with a building code violation we can appreciate the system as a whole. The basic function of Miami Code Compliance, Miami Building department and Miami Code Violations is public safety…. not just the property owner’s safety. Miami Code Compliance’s  function can be best appreciated  when purchasing a home that has already been required to make corrections by the Miami Building Department to meet Florida Building Codes. Without code enforcement then all new property owners will eventually find themselves cheated and hustled at every purchase. As it is stands our offices receives daily calls from upset home owners who have been cited for code violations done by previous owners so its easy to imagine the level of fraud and deception that would exist without regulation. The code compliance officers  give a face to the hardship that some property owners have to experience after inheriting building code violations with their new purchase but much like the rest of enforcement officers, their guidelines are always geared towards public safety.

Our office deals directly with property owners to face these unexpected code violation issues and offers complete services to resolve all code violation issues. Code Violation Center is a full in-house design-build firm in Miami and Orlando that deals specifically with building code violations. We can help you with plans, permits and construction issues to help you settle all you violations and clear your property. Call today for a free consultation: Miami (305) 222-4472  /   Orlando (407) 362-1696