The Orlando and Orange County Building Departments have millions in back logged code violation fines. These building code violations remain open despite the departments’ willingness to work with the property owners because there simply aren’t enough qualified architects and contractors willing to take on the challenge of building code violations. Code Violation Center has recently expanded its offices to cover the Orlando Building Department and Orange County Building Department and help fix code violations in the area. 

We are a design-build firm that specializes in correcting building code violations in Miami and Orlando. Our in-house team of experts will handle your code violation from beginning to end. We will deal with all building department issues, produce architectural and engineering plans to help obtain your permit and can even perform the construction changes required to bring your property into compliance. Take the first step in stopping the Orlando code violation fines and liens on your property balling us today for a free consultation. Call (407) 362-1696 to get started.