We are 203k Certified Contractors  in Miami and Orlando. We will work with your lender and help with all the follow up paperwork as we complete the required work on your new home.

Finding a reliable 203k General Contractor in Miami / Orlando can be challenging but our list of repeat and satisfied clients speaks for itself. Our in-house Miami design build team will produce all required drawings, pull the necessary permits and perform the required construction work to bring your new home into compliance. We are familiar with the bank draw process put in place by lenders and will expedite your project to meet their set deadlines.  As experts in Miami Code Violations  / Orlando Code Violations and having our own in-house architecture and  certified construction team, we are uniquely qualified to handle your rehab project. Beware of other services that do not perform all their work in-house and subcontract all work out, these pass through services will delay your construction,  jeopardize your loan and could cost you your home. With the strict bank deadlines, it’s important that your 203k Certified Contractor can respond quickly to your project and provide all the services that your unique project requires.

Call us today to schedule a visit and a free construction quote so we can help you close on your loan.  Call now (305) 222-7784 www.CodeViolationCenter.com