As a landlord one of the worst situations you can find yourself in is be notified that your tenant was just arrested for running a grow house in Miami Dade. The immediate code violation that is issued is an Unsafe Structure classification that adds a whole other level of clearances required to cure your property from code violations in Miami.

Regardless of the the condition of the residence after the grow house arrest, Miami-Dade County Code Compliance and Miami-Dade Building Department assume that the structure is a danger and uninhabitable. Since most miami grow houses alter the electrical meter or jump it all together to keep the power company from noticing the large increase in consumption, the power company immediately removes the electrical meter and service to the property. This interruption in service can be a big problem when the grow house is in a Multifamily complex as they may cut power to all, depending on the original electrical configuration. The electrical system has to be cleared by a registered architect or engineer along with an affidavit attesting that it’s safe for inhabitable. Code Violation Center regularly performs this service along with the other required inspections to clear your property  from the Miami-Dade Unsafe Structures department.

Plumbing code violations are also typical in Miami-Dade Grow House Code Violations as the water to irrigate the marijuana plants is typically illegally and improperly plumbed into the grow house areas. We have seen cases where the water is piped in from the pool and through the attic, eventually causing leaks sin the attic that help create dangerous mold conditions that make it difficult to breathe in the Grow House. Once mold spores are present in the grow house the attach to the existing A/C ducts and multiply the dangerous effect by distributing the spores to the rest of the structure.

The Miami-Dade Unsafe Structures department requires full sets of architectural and engineering plans along with the required inspections and affidavits to clear the homes. Once the plans have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade Unsafe Structures department then the plans are submitted to the Miami-Dade Building Department for the regular permitting process. Code Violation Center can help you with every step of the process including any construction work required to bring your property into compliance. Call us today for a free consultation (305) 222-7784