florida ada violation soultions title iii
South Florida is the national leader in federal disabled-access lawsuits (ADA Violations). One in Five Florida ADA Violation lawsuits were filed in the Southern District of Florida. ADA violations can vary from disabled parking spaces not being large enough to dangerous obstacles. These law suits usually come as surprises to business owners as there is no requirement for a notice prior to filing the ADA violation lawsuit, leaving business owners feeling ambushed. As the only architecture and construction firm that focuses on correcting ADA Code Violations, the Code Violation Center will get the permits and perform the construction work to be in compliance with the Federal ADA  code… saving you money in law fees.
 Title III of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, covering public accommodations such as stores and theaters lays out hundreds of requirements—everything from the permissible height of countertops and mirrors in newer or renovated buildings to how heavy swinging entrance doors can be to the exact location where grab bars must be located in toilets. A bathroom alone must meet almost 100 different standards, making it difficult for older properties to be in compliance with the Federal ADA code. Performing the corrective work without permits can lead to further building code violations such as ‘Work Without Permit’ at a municipal level and further fines. After we have helped you correct all violations with the proper permitting, we can provide the required Expert Report demonstrating that all deficiencies have been addressed and that you are in compliance.
Please feel free to contact the Code Violation Center at (305) 222-7784 or www.CodeViolationCenter.com with any questions you have about ADA Title III compliance.