Outdoor seating permits are required for restaurants in Miami that want to place seating and furniture in street side properties within their lease line. Most municipalities require a scaled and dimensioned site plan and floor plan  with the furniture drawn in. These Outdoor Seating Plans also require zoning clearances and life safety clearances to be clearly noted on the plans to assure that egress paths patent blocked by the furniture.

The general purpose of Outdoor Seating Plans is to maintain zoning regulations and some order in appearance of restaurant and entertainment businesses. Some Miami municipalities such as City of Miami Beach go as far as requiring photographs of exact furniture and color to be used  and can reject it if they don’t feel it meets the areas general design norm.

Code Violation Center can help with all outdoor seating permits from drawing the scaled plans to graphic plans with exact images to the processingpf the permit in the zoning department. Our experience with Outdoor Seating Plans can make the difference when representing you and your business in the zoning department.