Miami Code Violations seem to be to rising in numbers along with Miami’s next construction boom. As existing homes are purchased and renovated the illegal additions and interior remodels that went undetected for years get picked up by Miami Building Departments and Code Compliance. Building code violations are not “grandfathered in” as most people believe and when finally addressed they are typically held up to the most current version of the Florida Building Code.

When building inspectors enter a property for an inspection, they are not limited to only the scheduled scope of the inspection. They are required to report any life safety violations or work without permit that they can see. A scheduled flooring inspection can prompt the inspector to investigate the permit history on new looking kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, electrical panel, etc… With most Miami building departments having mobile workstations in building code inspectors cars, they can easily pull up permit history on properties and determine for example that an A/C unit dated with a 2015 manufactured on date with and  the last replacement mechanical permit in 1995 is good cause for further investigation or a code violation citation.

The rise of code violations due to these “by chance” findings by Florida building code inspectors has caught many new buyers by surprise but at the same time has forced homeowners to address many unsafe conditions. Some of these discovered code violations could cause serious Life Safety  concerns in these unsafe structures. Faulty wiring to water heaters and exterior lights can quickly cause fires or harm to anyone who comes into contact with it. Another typical example of work without permit is the changing out of windows and exterior doors. Although this may not seem as dangerous as faulty wiring, an window that is not properly installed or has insufficient resistance to the wind pressures of that opening can become a projectile during hurricane conditions.

As an unpleasant a surprise these building code violations may be to unsuspecting buyers, they are helping clean up the available homes assuring safer homes and ultimately a safer investment to the buyers. Proof of permitted work will soon become a valuable tool in the Miami Realestate market. As licensed and insured code violation architects, engineers and contractors we can provide your unsafe structure with plans, permits and all the required construction toon to bring your property into compliance.