In Miami-Dade County, 40 year Recertifications are required for buildings 40 years or 10 years after that, from the date the building revived its Certificate of Occuppany (CO).The first Recertification is mandated when the structure becomes 40 years old and then every 10 years thereafter.Single family residences, duplex and buildings with an occupancy of 10 or less or 2,000 square feet or less are exempt from the process.

The 40 year recertification must be completed by a registered architect or engineer who performs full inspections of the electrical and structural systems. Be sure to only hire licensed architects or engineers directly and not a third party service that will only serve as a middle man and is not qualified or can properly represent you at the building department.  The experts at Code Violation Center are fully licensed architects and engineers that can help you file for your building’s recertification quickly and affordably.