Replacing windows in Miami requires a building permit to avoid a code violation. A Miami-Dade County Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) is needed along with wind load calculations to assure that the new window being put in  is adequate for the opening. Not all hurricane impact Windows are created equal! Even within the same manufacturers there will be variations of window assemblies, each with its own limitations when it comes to the positive and negative pressures it can withstand and to the acceptable methods of attachment to the structure.

A window permit requires a floor plan of the structure that shows the size and location of the window plus the wind load calculations that are specific to that opening. These calculations must then be coordinated with the allowable pressures set in the tables of the proposed window’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA). The Notice of acceptance will also specify the allowed attachment methods (tap on screws etc…) and the type of structural materials that they can be attached to.

A window permit can be a lengthy process but worth the investment to avoid improper windows being installed that will then have to be replaced again after a code violation is issued and they don’t meet the wind load calculation requirements. The typical violation that is issued in this case is a Work Without Permit code violation.